Health Requirements

Keeping All Our Guests Safe

Health Requirements

Keeping All Our Guests Safe

Health Requirements

All guests must be healthy and disease free on entry.
Please let us know if your dog has been to the vets in the previous 2 weeks and what they attended for.

All guests must provide prior to boarding arrival a current C5 vaccination and please note if its done in the preceding 2 weeks we MUST see previous vaccinations to allow us to see that it was not over due.
Failure to do this will mean that we may refuse boarding and whilst we would hate to ruin your holiday we must protect our boarders.
We have to ensure safe environment for all our guests.
We follow the NSW DPI Code of practice regarding this.

6.1 Disease Prevention

6.1.1 For dogs, vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and canine cough is required. A current vaccination certificate ( certifying that vaccination was done in the preceding 12 months) must be produced for each dog before admission. Checking for heartworm infection is recommended before admission.

6.1.3 Animals known or suspected to be suffering from an infectious disease should not be admitted for boarding.
6.1.4 Dogs and cats presenting worms will be wormed at the owner’s expense.
6.1.5 Dogs less than 4 months old and cats less than 3 months old should not be admitted for boarding other than in exceptional circumstances.


Please note we are very strict on tick prevention as The Central Coast is a high area for these little nasties.
We accept Spot on fortnightly and monthly and tri monthly chews.
Please speak to your vet regarding the best prevention for your pet.


All medications must be clearly labelled by your vets and in the original containers with pets name and dosage clearly visible.
We will go over these important things at check in.

As stated in our menu page

We will under no circumstances give your dogs bones of any description whilst in care here at the resort.

Vet Care

Whilst in our care any guests requiring a vet will be seen at the resort or taken via car to Coast and Valley Vets at Alison –
We will contact your vet for records and consult with ours.
Please be aware as stated on our boarding agreement all vet costs are to be payed before the dog leaves the resort or vets.
You emergency contact must be made aware of any choices for your pet in the event we cannot contact you.

Download and complete our check in form and bring it with you when you arrive.

 Download Our Check In Form

Our Council approved hours are STRICTLY

Morning Check in & Check out: 8-10 am

Afternoon Check in: 3-4pm

Afternoon Check out: 3-5pm 

5 Old Maitland Road, Kangy Angy NSW 2258

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