Comfortable, Climate Controlled & Clean


Comfortable, Climate Controlled & Clean


At Just Like Home as you would expect we have the comforts of the guests own home.

Our playroom has a large TV with Netflix for those hot or cold rainy days to chill and hang out with the nannies.
We have a massive grass play area for lots of fun games and ball time.

Not to mention the special dress up videos that Jade and the girls are famous for!
Our Christmas video is a riot.

We have two air conditioned cottages that house our guests with comfy separate bedrooms and lots of comfy soft blankets.

Our air conditioning is on 24/7.

We do offer shared accommodation with one or two friendly guests of the same size and temperament as this can be very settling for a nervous dog in boarding.

We are very experienced in temperament testing and only offer this when we know your dog.
New guests will have their own room for the start of their holiday till we see if they need a buddy.

We can observe our special needs guests in one of 4 specific camera rooms from our phone or iPad which is peace of mind for owners that they are well taken care of.

We are happy to have you make an appointment to come and view the resort. We love to show you how your fur kid can enjoy their holiday as much as you do.

Check out our Facebook page for all our fun pics.

We offer inspections times usually around lunch so as not to disturb the guests we have staying with us but can also offer late afternoon for our working families.
We do this Monday -Thursdays.

Call for an appointment

I am afraid we don’t offer drop in tours as it can disrupt our playtime activities for the current guests if one of the nannies are taken away.

The guests are our most important priority.

Download and complete our check in form and bring it with you when you arrive.

 Download Our Check In Form

Our Council approved hours are STRICTLY

Morning Check in & Check out: 8-10 am

Afternoon Check in: 3-4pm

Afternoon Check out: 3-5pm 

5 Old Maitland Road, Kangy Angy NSW 2258

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